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“Neil Andrew is highly intelligent and observant, with an excellent grasp of language, and a sharp, critical mind. I have also found him to be highly adept at explaining complex issues in simple, comprehensible terms.”   Stephan Mallmann – International Film Producer/Consultant and former C.O.O. Hanway Films Limited

Creative Writing in Business Practice – An Introduction

A one day course examining the basic concerns and opportunities for utilising creative writing techniques within business – be it for report writing, creative copy, campaign development, speech writing, press release and communications with the public.

Suitable for junior staff members and those interested in widening their appreciation of common requirements within corporate and business communications.

Creative Writing in Business Practice – Intermediate level

Building on the foundations and principles explored within the introductory course, this 1 day course expands creative writing practice to include considerations of other media and visual language (film, web-cast, photographic) alongside use of the written word.

Suitable for senior staff, communications managers, brand managers and those responsible for managing public facing communications in both private and public sectors.

Creative Writing in Business Practice – Advanced level

Suitable for senior executives, senior managers and policy makers, this one day course explores the determination, assessment and construction of best practice within business and corporate communications, both B2B and customer/public facing requirements.

Narratives within Business Culture 

A two day course which explores writing, film making/scripting and visual language to examine cultural contexts that businesses have to contend with. The programme also makes an excellent foundation for exploring individual corporate cultures and can be used as a framework for establishing guidelines to be incorporated with M&A activity, the development of future leaders and strategic vision.


Bespoke Solutions:

Bespoke advanced courses are available on request, tailored to individual corporate requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Areas that can be covered include:

Mergers and Acquisitions
The 3’R’s for HR – Recruitment, Reward, Retention
Corporate Social Responsibility
Executive Coaching

Individual Coaching / Mentorship

Individual coaching and mentor-ship programmes can be arranged. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. An initial consultation fee will be charged in line with travel and time costs.



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