“Forthright and challenging, this was exactly what I wanted from a creative writing course. A million miles from the airy fairy BS I feared.”  NF  – Student

A very inspiring and enabling tutor who can support you creatively by exploring the un-thought of corners of your story idea across the various domains of writing, including novel, play, factual and screenwriting” – Carl Schoenfeld, Film producer


Prior to the creative writing course that I took with Andrew I had hardly ever written fiction. Andrew is the best possible writing tutor that I could have ended up with because he nurtured the flicker of interest that I had in writing into a fully fledged hobby: since the course in late 2009 I have written 2 full length books in my free time for the sake of writing them. I have maintained a blog and I continue to enjoy exploring the written word and it is all thanks to the skills that he instilled in me.

Heather Katsonga-Woodward, Entrepreneur and Founder of the Fat Creep™ weight tracker. www.fatcreep.com

Few have the drive, tenacity and determination of Andrew Taylor. His breadth of work and successful projects is testament to his talents.” – Peter Allen, ImpAct Universal Ltd


“It has been my privilege to have worked with Neil on a wide variety of theatre projects over the past 18 years. He shows great commitment and energy to everything he pursues and puts a hundred percent effort in to achieving the goal. His ability to generate an energetic and creative environment on stage, in rehearsal or in the classroom is infectious which results in a happy, productive environment”. – Simeon Wood, Music Director


“Students benefit from Andrew Taylor’s experience derived from his many years as a successful dramatist. Tapping into Andrew’s broad-based knowledge of creative writing is a resource that his students will enjoy.” Tony Morris, Partner Mariott-Harrison


“Andrew took the mystery out of a mysterious subject. Before he returned it, I examined it through his microscope. That evening, under a full moon, I went home with a song in my heart and a promiscuous pen in my hands.” – Adam Temple


“Neil is a great teacher who gets people opening up and feeling very comfortable very quickly and I felt he was very good at getting myself and the others to really dig into writing without any sense of self-consciousness. It was liberating. In the three days of the course, I had nearly all my cobwebs blown away and learnt lots of very useful ideas, approaches and bits of interesting information which are still as fresh in my head as when I heard them. When it came to critiquing our work Neil was quick to praise positive achievements, but also to point out areas of weakness in proportion, always offering useful insight into how one might improve and learn. In short, I can’t praise Neil enough as a teacher and as someone who knows how to separate the nonsense from discussions about writing. He has a very constructive and positive approach as well as plenty of experience and stories to share.” Gideon K


“Andrew is one of the most inspiring tutor/person I have ever met, he lectures from his heart, which makes his teaching so real and exciting. He has inspired me to begin to write, to begin to write my own piece of story.” JH – Student (Sweden)